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22 February 2018 | 08:56 AM
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Datos abiertos   |   By: Administrador

Red Gealc and open data

Since Red Gealc was created in 2003, it has provided the place where Latin American and Caribbean countries share their knowledge, practices, and strategic approaches on electronic government with the support of its promoting entities (OAS, IDRC and IDB). Open data could not possibly be excluded of our horizontal cooperation.

So the 2011-2012 focus was put on the project “People and E-Government in the Americas”, founded by the International Development Research Centre (the IDRC from Canada).

From the articulation between the research component —coordinated by the Inter-American Organization for Higher Education— and the public policy component —coordinated by the OAS— we tried to put the empirical evidence resulting from the research at the service of the development of national and regional agendas to make e-Government progress as a tool to improve equity regarding access to public services, the participation of citizens during the preparation of public policies, the transparency of State actions, as well as the legitimacy of the democratic governability processes.

That was the framework of the research “Technical and Economic Factors that Facilitate or Hinder the Implementation of Open Data in the Region”, selected among more than 100 competing proposals. The E-Government Centre of the Technical University Federico Santa María, Chile, was the coordinating institution. The members of the main team were Mauricio Solar, Gastón Concha, and Gonzalo Valdés.

The results, which can be seen by clicking on the link at the end of this page, were presented in different political and academic situations including the 2nd Meeting of Ministers and the 4th Meeting of High Authorities of E-Government, co-organized by Red Gealc in San José, Costa Rica, in November 2012.

Printed material and a CD were edited and distributed among the regional authorities and in events such as the International Conference on Open Data, held in April 2013, also co-organized by Red Gealc.

Furthermore, and permanently, open data precise actions are highlighted in Red Gealc’s web work platform as well as in its national sub-portals of all the member countries of the OAS.

(Translated: Laura Barzilai)
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